The value of Ocean-bound Plastic

      According to estimates, a minimum of 8 million tons of plastic find its way into the ocean every year, and 80% of this waste originates from land.

      Consequently, directing efforts towards capturing ocean-bound plastic before it turns into ocean plastic presents a direct and highly efficient approach to minimizing our environmental footprint. Our goal is to partner with beauty brands worldwide in the pursuit of reducing plastic waste and safeguarding our oceans through ocean-bound plastic packaging.

The transformation from waste to product

Collecting Plastic

Ocean-bound plastics are retrieved from islands, beaches, coastlines, and unregulated landfills, where they are exposed to sun, sea, sand, and rain, causing the plastic waste to become contaminated and fragile, posing a threat to the environment. We offer fair wages to fishermen and local communities who collect the plastics.

Sorting & Shredding

The materials are sorted by Social Enterprises. For example, a plastic bottle usually contains three types of plastics: PET for the bottle itself, PP for the screw cap, and PET-G resins for the label. The local teams carefully separate, clean, and compress these plastics into bales for subsequent processing. We collect various types of plastics, including PET, PP, HDPE, and LDPE.

Sorting & Shredding

Our scientists ensure that the materials meet our quality standards and are upcycled using a mechanical process developed in collaboration with the China University of Applied Sciences. The fragile plastic waste is transformed into a high-quality secondary raw material with an impressive level of purity, all without the addition of any new virgin plastics.

Target oriented Compounding

Our raw material is entirely composed of recycled ocean-bound plastics. Through our recycling and upcycling process, we’ve gained expertise in aligning the properties of the plastic waste to suit specific product requirements. Our team of experts knows how to tailor the properties of the collected and upcycled plastic waste to align with various manufacturing processes, depending on the intended end product. 

Oceancycle Certificate

    In 2021, GIDEA made the decision to partner with oceancycle to source oceancycle certified recycled plastic, every time you choose a package that is made from ocean-bound plastics versus virgin plastic, it is the equivalent of removing 3-4 plastic bags from the ocean.
    Following the first phase of our new packaging release, we will then begin to implement the use of ocean-bound plastics on our bottles, jars and tubes in 2022. Our hope is that by being the leader in our industry, bring the positively impact to the ocean.

How to order
packaging made from Ocean-bound Plastic?

Simply email to the model number from our catalog or website and indicate that you require OBP material and your desired finishes. This is the same as a typical product inquiry, and we will respond promptly within 24 hours to assist with your project, including providing samples and a quote.

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