Whether you seek customized or readily available packaging solutions, Gidea PAC streamlines the process to fulfill your brand’s specifications and guarantee
Gather Great Idea for your brands.

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Engage in a comprehensive brand consultation with Gidea PAC and explore our extensive array of offerings, encompassing in-stock, customized, and private mold solutions. Our collaborative team will meticulously assess your sustainability requirements, product launch timelines, formula limitations, budget considerations, decoration specifications, and printing preferences. By doing so, we will ensure that all facets of your brand’s demands are met, leaving no aspect uncovered. At Gidea PAC, our commitment lies in delivering tailored solutions that align perfectly with your brand’s vision and objectives.

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After identifying the optimal packaging solution, our next step is to ensure seamless compatibility between the packaging and your product. To achieve this, we will provide you with samples for verification purposes. These samples serve two critical purposes: firstly, to certify that there are no adverse interactions between the packaging material and the contents of the package, and secondly, to thoroughly evaluate the packaging’s functionality in conjunction with your formula. We prioritize rigorous testing to guarantee the utmost quality and performance of our packaging solutions.

Gidea PAC Contract



We convene for the purpose of conducting a thorough assessment of the quotation to ensure its comprehensive alignment with your previously stated requirements. Our aim is to solidify and document the mutually agreed-upon expectations, along with precise design specifications and corresponding financial commitments. It is imperative that no further progress is made without obtaining your explicit concurrence.

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Prior to commencing full-scale production for bespoke solutions, a prototype or pre-production sample is meticulously crafted for your esteemed approval. Once we receive your written endorsement, we swiftly transition into mass production, subsequently confirming the shipment schedule. Throughout this process,Gidea PAC will maintain constant communication with you, ensuring that you are well-informed at every stage, including during the transit of your order.




Congratulations on your successful encounter with Gidea PAC’s comprehensive service, “Gather Great Idea.” At Gidea PAC, we pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned, ensuring the flawless delivery of your packaging solution, surpassing your expectations. We value your partnership immensely, as you are not merely a customer to us but a strategic collaborator with whom we aspire to foster mutual growth.


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