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Mist Spray Bottle

Our spray bottles are made of high-quality material and have a durable trigger sprayer that can easily dispense essential oils, cleaning sprays, and other natural liquids. Additionally, they come in various sizes and are perfect for use in homes, offices, and travel.
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FAQs about spray bottles

Fine mist spray bottles are equipped with a specialized nozzle that divides the liquid into minuscule droplets, resulting in a mist that spreads evenly across a wider surface. This is accomplished by utilizing a nozzle with a smaller opening and potentially including features like a finer mesh or multiple tiny holes to atomize the liquid.

In contrast, regular spray bottles may possess a nozzle designed to generate a more concentrated stream or larger droplets, suitable for situations that require a precise or heavier spray. Such nozzles typically have a larger opening, enabling the liquid to be expelled with greater force.

The mist sprayer is highly effective for a wide range of products, including perfumes, essential oils, hair spray, air fresheners, room sprays, body sprays, DIY beauty products, aromatherapy blends, pillow mists, and various other mixtures.

Not all liquids are suitable for spray bottles. Some liquids may be too viscous or contain particles that can clog the nozzle. It's important to consider the viscosity and compatibility of the liquid with the spray bottle's design. If you have any questions about spray bottles, please contact us for help

The lead time for large quantity orders can vary depending on the specific requirements and order size usually 5K-10K. We work closely with our clients to provide estimated lead times and ensure timely delivery of the dropper bottles.