What is Mono Material?

      Mono material in cosmetic packaging refers to packaging that is made from a single type of material, rather than multiple materials that are difficult to separate or recycle. The aim of using mono material is to make recycling and disposal easier and more environmentally friendly.

      With mono material packaging, the entire cosmetic container, including all its components, is made from a single type of material. Commonly, this material is a single type of plastic, such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). By using a single material, the recycling process becomes more straightforward, as the entire package can be easily recycled together without the need for separation.

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Mono material packaging is considered more sustainable and environmentally friendly than mixed-material packaging. It promotes circularity in the packaging industry, where materials can be recycled and reused in the production of new packaging, reducing the overall environmental impact. Additionally, using mono materials may also lead to cost savings in the recycling process and can be more attractive to consumers who are conscious about the environmental footprint of the products they use.

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The primary plastic recycling method widely used involves shredding plastic components into chips, cleaning them, and transforming them into renewed resin. While basic containers made of recyclable materials, like shampoo bottles and cream jars, can be recycled using this process, packaging with pump mechanisms cannot be recycled in the same way due to the inclusion of metal springs and glass balls.

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Can I do custom design on mono material model?

      Although using a mono material does not imply a mono design, it allows for various custom designs in terms of component color, printing, hot stamping, matte finish coating, and metallization. We are confident that this sustainable packaging will not hinder your incredible design possibilities.

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How to order
packaging made from mono material?

Simply email us the model number from our catalog or website and indicate that you require mono material and your desired finishes. This is the same as a typical product inquiry, and we will respond promptly within 24 hours to assist with your project, including providing samples and a quote.

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