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Airless Packaging

Airless packaging is a pressure-free and tamper-proof dispensing system that combines a mechanical activated pump and a specially designed container which, after filling and airtight sealing, delivers the product without any air intake. Airless packaging is an idea choice for cosmetic, medical and pharmaceutical packaging. Gidea is a cosmetic packaging supplier providing airless pump bottles, airless jar and airless pump tube.

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FAQs about Airless Pump Bottles

We offer a range of sizes for our airless pump bottles, catering to various product volumes and customer needs. Our sizes typically range from 15ml to 200ml, but we can accommodate custom size requirements as well.

All outer components can be custom colored without limits. Options include screen print, hot stamp, labeling, and various finishes such as matte, gradient, metallization, semi-transparent metallization, and soft touch. Digital printing is also available.

Yes, we offer samples of our airless pump bottles for testing and evaluation purposes. This allows you to assess the quality, functionality, and suitability of our products before placing a larger order.

The lead time for large quantity orders can vary depending on the specific requirements and order size usually 5K-10K. We work closely with our clients to provide estimated lead times and ensure timely delivery of the airless pump bottles.