Innovations must be replicable, economical, and address a specific market need. At Gidea Pac, all new developments undergo a process encompassing material selection, design, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. This includes the use of new sustainable materials, material reduction, new construction methods, and the development of new business models for refills, recycling, reuse, and minimizing waste.

Refillable cosmetic jar with spatula

This jar is made from all PP material. Resonable price and easy for recycling. This is a container that has a refillable function. A spatula on the cap which can can refuce the direct contact with formula. Perfect for facial cream.

Color, Finish, and Print: Customized color and printing are available,such as frosty, matte, semi-gloss,silkscreen printing and hot stamping.


SKU: G1563
Eco Refillable airless jar

ECO Refillable Airless Jar

Cosmetic brands opt for this eco-refill airless jar packaging, featuring an acrylic cap, PP inner jar, and metal spring pump, available in sizes from 15g to 100g, to meet sustainability demands while providing a stylish, practical solution that resonates with environmentally aware customers and enhances their brand image.


SKU: G1050
Dual Chamber Airless Pump Bottle

Dual Chamber Airless Pump Bottles

Gidea’s innovative 2-in-1 airless pump showcases a dual-chamber design, allowing brands to offer two complementary products in one sleek package – perfect for combining sunscreen and moisturizer or day and night creams. This space-saving, oxidation-preventing PP bottle with metal spring pump, available in 10ml to 20ml sizes, streamlines beauty routines and enhances product freshness, making it ideal for both beach getaways and daily use.


Sku: G21157
High Performance Airless Bottle

High-performance airless bottles

Gidea’s high-performance airless bottle combines sophistication with eco-consciousness, featuring a capless design, PP construction with metal spring pump, and sizes ranging from 10ml to 100ml. This ergonomic, refillable system offers brands a modern packaging solution that prioritizes ease of use, recyclability, and product preservation, perfect for premium skincare lines like GPC’s serum, while appealing to environmentally aware consumers seeking both style and sustainability in their beauty routines.


SKU: G2597
Rubik's Cube Collection

Rubik’s Cube Collection

Gidea’s Rubik’s Cube Collection reimagines refillable cosmetic packaging with a playful, modern twist. These PP-constructed containers feature rounded corners and a cute, lively aesthetic that sets them apart from typical angular designs. Available in various sizes for serums, creams, and facial products (30-50ml bottles, 15-100g jars), this innovative line offers brands a unique way to present their products. The reusable and refillable concept, coupled with mono-material construction and PCR availability, appeals to eco-conscious consumers while providing an irresistible, eye-catching design that stands out on shelves and in beauty routines.


Sku: G2473 Sku: G1212