Your Questions Answered: A Primer on Pumps and How to Pick the Perfect Dispensing Solution

The Mighty Dispensing Pump Has Several Applications

Dispensing pumps come in many forms to suit domestic and commercial uses. They consist of key components like pistons, pump chambers, pump heads, and collars. Manufacturers can design pumps to precisely deliver different output volumes of liquid for each application using manually-pressed pumps. In simple terms, pressing down on the pump causes liquid to exit through the nozzle.

Dispensing Pumps Offer Customization Options

Pumps are manufactured with various customizable options to work with different bottles and requirements:

Neck Size

Bottleneck sizes vary in height and width like 18/415, 20/410, 20/415, 24/410 and 24/415. The width is the first number and height is the second. This matching of pump and bottle size creates the perfect fit for each product.


Color Matching

As pumps are mainly plastic, color can be easily added during production. Color matching keeps costs low for large orders and gives products visual appeal. Pumps can also have a colored aluminum sleeve for a luxury look.


Pump Dose

Common doses include 0.5ml, 0.12ml, 0.13ml, 0.28ml, 1.4ml and 2.0ml depending on product specs. Factors like cost, expected usage, bottle filled amount are considered.


Tube Length

The plastic tube inside runs from the pump to the bottle contents. Its length matches the pump chamber while the diameter depends on liquid thickness to ensure proper flow. Together these customizable options give pumps wide application versatility.

Lotion Pumps

A lotion pump can be designed to function as either a ‘lock up’ or ‘lock down’ mechanism. The lock-up device, which happens to be the top-selling pump on the market, is particularly favored due to its appealing aesthetics. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that each type of pump offers its own unique advantages.

Lock Down

Lotion pumps are primarily utilized for commercial purposes in spas, hotels, gyms, and leisure centers. Typically, you can spot them comfortably nestled in cages or holders. It’s worth noting that lock-down pumps have a tendency to endure fewer breakages during delivery or installation procedures.

Lock Up

The lock-up dispensing pump boasts an aesthetically pleasing design that exudes stylishness and modernity. Importantly, it sits relatively low on the bottle, ensuring that the internal tube remains discreetly hidden. These lotion pumps find extensive use in domestic applications, offering the added benefits of easy storage and child-friendliness.

Lotion pumps serve a wide range of purposes, primarily for dispensing soaps, hand creams, antibacterial foams, body lotions, and hair products. If you’re interested in learning more about the various locking mechanisms available for pumps, click here for additional information.

Cream Pumps

Cream pumps are specifically crafted to handle thicker liquid products. The nozzle boasts a clean finish and is commonly seen in conjunction with cream-based solutions. Additionally, a cream pump is equipped with a cap, which effectively preserves the freshness of the contents and prevents bacterial growth or product hardening in the central opening.

Cream pumps are versatile tools suitable for various applications. They can effectively dispense face or body creams, suntan lotions, hand creams, hair products, as well as decreasing or greasing solutions.

Spray Pumps

Spray pumps are commonly used for lighter to medium liquid products, although certain models can handle heavier liquids like suntan lotions. The spray mechanism is designed to provide broad coverage over a larger surface area of the body or the intended application area. Additionally, spray pumps are equipped with lids to maintain product freshness and prevent any potential leaks onto clothing or personal belongings.

Spray pumps are versatile tools that can be utilized with a wide range of product applications. These include antibacterial sprays, numerous cleaning products, suntan lotions, as well as hair and body creams.

Mini Trigger Pumps

Mini trigger pumps are incredibly versatile and compatible with thousands of liquid products used worldwide. Their design facilitates easy application and spreading on various surface areas.

Mini trigger pumps find utility in a wide array of commercial and domestic applications. They are commonly employed for dispensing antibacterial sprays as well as hundreds of cleaning products.

Foamer Pumps

A foam pump, also known as a squeeze foamer, offers a non-aerosol method of dispensing liquid substances. It releases the liquid as foam when squeezed. Certain foaming pumps are equipped with a protective cap to safeguard the contents and prevent accidental spillage. The foam pump dispenses the liquid in the bottle by converting it into foam within the foamer chamber. The liquid ingredients are blended in the foaming chamber and then discharged through a nylon mesh.

The foam pump finds extensive usage in both cosmetic products and household chemicals. It is employed for various applications, including mousse foam cleansing, hand washing liquid, hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, shaving cream, hair conditioning mousse, sun protection foam, spot removers, and baby products.

Top Dispensers

Top dispensers are specifically designed to be used with cotton pads, cotton wool, or other cleansing cloths. They allow you to conveniently apply the liquid onto the pad without any spillage. These dispensing caps are particularly effective when used with facial creams or nail varnish removers.

This dispensing unit functions effectively with a variety of cleansing chemicals, removers, and polishers.

Trigger Sprays

The remarkable trigger spray dispensing unit is globally recognized for its clever design. It simplifies the process of applying liquid substances to various surface areas, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Trigger pumps find utility in numerous applications, including antibacterial sprays, a wide range of cleaning products, and automotive accessories.

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