What is mono-material?

What is mono-material cosmetics packaging?

A mono material refers to a product composed of a single material or fibre, as opposed to packaging made from different materials. Products could be made out of paper, plastic, glass, fabric, metal or other materials. This makes the recycling process much easier, as it reduces the amount of energy required to split or separate various materials. Plus, the increased efficiency means that recycling is much more cost-effective and faster.

Why are mono-materials a hot topic for the cosmetics packaging industry?

Mono-materials are particularly crucial for the packaging industry because anything that can’t be recycled is going to landfill.

As we all know, packaging is very plentiful that uses lots of different materials has been the norm. Any reduction in landfill or increase in packaging that can be recycled is hugely beneficial to the environment. Increasingly, brands are particularly looking to move away from these packaging models, in a bid to become more sustainable.


 They are looking to switch to mono-materials and hope that this will make their cosmetics packaging more eco-friendly, sustainable and easily recyclable, supporting a circular economy. Mono-materials cosmetics packaging can ease the maintenance, re-use and effective disassembly/recycling of products.


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