What distinguishes a built-in spring pump from an external spring pump?

Have you ever noticed the difference between pumps with external springs and those with internal springs when purchasing them for your cosmetic bottles? As you may already know, the spring plays a crucial role in forcing the product out of the bottle. In this article, we will uncover the secret behind it.

Internal spring lotion pump

The internal spring lotion pump operates by sucking the liquid into the pump head and flowing out through an internal metal spring. This pump head structure is the earliest and remains the most common in the market due to its affordability. However, it is not recommended for more advanced shower gels and cosmetics because the liquid can pass through the spring. Typically, each pump head undergoes over a year of production before reaching consumers. If the internal spring is made of subpar material, it may rust and affect the liquid in the bottle.

External spring lotion pump

The external spring lotion pump differs from the internal spring lotion pump in that the spring is installed outside the liquid channel. This design completely solves the issue of spring contamination. However, it comes with an obvious drawback—it is generally 30% to 50% more expensive than the internal spring lotion pump.

Internal spring foam pump

The internal spring foam pump shares the same liquid passage structure as the lotion pump, meaning the liquid also passes through a spring. However, the foam pump’s structure is more complex than that of the lotion pump. To fully utilize its foaming function, testing with different liquid-to-air ratios is required to achieve the best foaming effect. This structure is commonly found in most foam pumps on the market, although the price of foam pumps is typically twice that of lotion pumps.

External spring foam pump

The external spring foam pump is less commonly used compared to other pump head types due to its higher price. It is usually employed for maternal and infant products or occasionally seen in medical supplies.

The full plastic pump

The full plastic pump shares the same structure as the external spring pump head, with the only difference being the use of a plastic spring instead of a metal one. This pump head serves two main purposes: reducing weight for easier transportation and minimizing metal usage to decrease pollution. However, this product is currently not mature enough and has issues like unstable pricing and poor tactile feedback when pressed.

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