This perfume atomizer is a small perfume bottle that mist sprays the perfume, you can also call it a small mist spray perfume bottle, fragrance atomizer, small perfume spray bottle. Perfume atomizers normally only spray a small amount of perfume, they only spray perfume in the spot you want, so it can save the perfume and make your perfume a long time to use. They are designed to prevent the waste, spillage, and evaporation of the perfume. Perfume atomizers are much more durable than normal traditional perfume bottles because they always come with an anodizing aluminum cover which can prevent them from scratching, denting, crashing, and so on. They are also lightweight so you can put them easily in your pocket, suitcase, handbag, and so on. It is also taken as a portable perfume atomizer. Perfume atomizers are used more and more in daily life nowadays. Especially the younger ones like them because of their fashion style, and convenient use.

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  • Item No.: G7015
  • Close Type: Screw on


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