Refillable, eco-friendly cosmetic jars that are available in various sizes (50g, 100g, and 200g). These jars or containers are designed to replace traditional, single-use cream jars and are intended to be used for sustainable skin care packaging. The product line emphasizes the importance of eco-friendliness and sustainability, making it a great choice for consumers who are conscious about reducing their environmental impact. The refillable nature of the jars also suggests that the product is cost-effective, as users can refill the container rather than continuously buying new ones.Overall, this new product line of refillable, eco-friendly cosmetic jars or containers provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution for skin care packaging needs.

Features & Benefits 

  • Refillable inner bowl cream jar
  • Fitting: Screw on
  • PCR material available

Capacity Height Diameter
50g 53mm 65.5mm
100g 59.5mm 78.5mm
200g 85mm 93.5mm

Cap Inner Bowl Collar Disc Outer
ABS(30%-100%PCR) PP(30%-100%PCR) ABS(30%-100%PCR) PP(30%-100%PCR) PMMA(PETG)

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