Not Be Missed! Gidea PAC has Confirmed Their Attendance at the FCE Cosmetique 2024 in Brazil at Hall Booth CH77.

FCE Cosmetique 2024

Don’t Be Missed !

Gidea PAC recently announced their participation in the 2024 FCE Cosmetique conference, which will take place in Brazil. Known as one of the largest annual gatherings of cosmetics professionals and companies in South America.

As a leading producer of cosmetic packaging and containers, Gidea PAC’s presence at the 2024 FCE Cosmetique conference is a significant achievement that showcases their dedication to the growing Brazilian and South American markets. Brazil boasts the 9th largest cosmetics industry globally, with its market experiencing a consistent annual growth rate of over 5%. By securing their attendance now, Gidea PAC positions itself as a valuable resource for cosmetic brands aspiring to expand into Brazil and beyond in the coming years.

Gidea PAC not only has the opportunity to exhibit their latest innovative packaging solutions to thousands of attendees, but their early confirmation also generates valuable awareness among existing firms within the sector. FCE Cosmetique has historically been a catalyst for numerous partnerships and deals through networking opportunities. By securing their spot today, Gidea PAC establishes itself as a key player in shaping the evolving tastes and trends of global cosmetic consumers.

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