Gidea PAC Returns to BeautyWorld Middle East 2024 with Expanded Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Beautyworld 2024 GideaPAC

Gidea Pac Returns to BeautyWorld Middle East 2024 with Expanded Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Building on their successful presence at last year’s event, Gidea Pac, a renowned innovator in cosmetic packaging solutions, is thrilled to announce its return to BeautyWorld Middle East 2024. Beautyworld Middle East rises head and shoulders above the rest bringing a mix of innovation, path-breaking trends, the most flamboyant and talented professionals and truly revolutionary products. Gidea Pac invites attendees to visit their booth at Hall 3, 3-E36, where they will unveil an expanded range of sustainable packaging innovations.

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Embracing Sustainability in Beauty & Skincare Packaging

In response to growing environmental concerns and consumer demand for eco-friendly products, Gidea PAC has further developed its line of packaging solutions that merge sustainable materials with innovative design. The company’s latest offerings focus on two key areas:

  1. Refillable Packaging: Gidea PAC’s refillable packaging options allow consumers to reuse their favorite beauty containers, significantly reducing plastic waste. These designs maintain the luxurious feel and functionality expected from high-end cosmetic packaging while promoting sustainability.

  2. Mono-Material Solutions: By utilizing mono-material designs, Gidea PAC has created packaging that is easier to recycle, addressing the challenges often faced in recycling multi-material packaging. These solutions maintain product integrity while simplifying the recycling process.

Innovation Meets Sustainability

Gidea PAC’s commitment to innovation is evident in their expanded product range, which includes:

  • Airless refillable bottles for skincare products
  • Mono-material compacts for powder cosmetics
  • Recyclable pumps and dispensers made from a single type of plastic
  • Sustainable alternatives to traditional materials in jars and tubes

These new offerings complement Gidea PAC’s existing range of packaging solutions, including jars, bottles, tubes, and various components designed for the beauty industry.

Visit Gidea Pac at BeautyWorld Middle East 2024

“After the overwhelmingly positive response we received last year, we’re excited to return to BeautyWorld Middle East 2024 with an even more comprehensive range of sustainable packaging innovations,” says Zita Chen, Sales Manager at Gidea Pac. “Our expanded line of refillable and mono-material designs represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions without compromising on quality or aesthetics.”

Attendees are invited to visit Gidea Pac’s booth (Hall 3, 3-E36) to explore these groundbreaking packaging solutions firsthand. The company’s team of experts will be available to discuss how these innovations can be tailored to meet specific brand requirements and sustainability goals.

Join the Sustainable Packaging Revolution

BeautyWorld Middle East 2024 presents an invaluable opportunity for beauty brands, manufacturers, and industry professionals to witness the future of sustainable packaging. By visiting Gidea Pac’s booth, attendees can gain insights into how these innovative solutions can help their brands meet growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible products.

Don’t miss this chance to be at the forefront of sustainable beauty packaging. Mark your calendars and join Gidea Pac at BeautyWorld Middle East 2024 to discover how you can make your beauty products more sustainable and appealing to eco-conscious consumers.


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