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Nehmen Sie an der InterCHARM 2023 in Moskau, Russland, teil!

Gidea PAC, ein führender Anbieter von innovativen Verpackungslösungen, stellt auf der InterCHARM 2023 aus, der [...]

Kommende Messe – BeautyWorld Middle East 2023 Halle Nr.: SA Stand Nr.: N45 – Gidea Pac

Besuchen Sie uns auf der führenden Kosmetikmesse der Region, um Trends und Geschäftsmöglichkeiten für Kosmetikverpackungen [...]

Gidea Pac präsentiert auf der COSMOPACK Asia 2023 am Stand 9HB13 neue Möglichkeiten für Kosmetikverpackungen

Besuchen Sie uns auf der ersten Beauty-Messe in Asien und entdecken Sie unsere neuesten Innovationen

Treffen Sie Gidea Pac auf der Intercharm 2023 am Stand H14G21

Gidea Packaging nimmt an der InterCHARM 2023 in Moskau teil. Zeit: 2023.10.25-10.28

Gidea Packaging nimmt an der Beauty Düsseldorf 2023 an Stand 10H34 teil

Gidea Packaging ist ein führender Hersteller von Kosmetikverpackungen, Kosmetikflaschen, Kosmetiktiegeln und Kosmetiktuben.

Cosmopack 2023 – Entdecken Sie die neuesten Innovationen in der Kosmetikverpackung am Stand HALL 20 C2

Entdecken Sie die neuesten Innovationen im Bereich Kosmetikverpackungen am Stand HALL 20 C2






We are Gidea PAC
a cosmetic packaging brand
and design consultancy.

A client once said we’re the best cosmetic packaing manufactory with boutique service.

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In the past fifteen years, Gidea has provided packaging solution to 1000+ customers.


It is proud to say that in the past 15 years, Gidea has never let our customers down no matter on the quality of our products or the deadline of our delivery date. 

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Customized Cosmetic Packaging

👋Hey there, fellow entrepreneur! So, you’ve got an incredible product with a one-of-a-kind formula, huh? That’s fantastic! But listen, standing out in this crazy competitive world ain’t a piece of cake! You need that extra oomph to grab those shoppers‘ attention.

And guess what? Gidea PAC is here to save the day! We know just what you need – custom cosmetic packaging, baby! It’s like magic on the shelf, drawing in clients like bees to honey. 🍯

Our packaging designs are top-notch, I’m telling ya! Not only do they keep your product super fresh and secure, but they also give it that swanky custom look. Oh, you’ll have folks going, „Wow, I gotta have that!“ in no time!

So, don’t settle for ordinary, my friend. Go for extraordinary with Gidea PAC’s custom cosmetic packaging! Your product will shine like a star in the dazzling galaxy of cosmetics. 🌟💄

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Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

👋Hey there! So, let me break it down for you, friend! Your packaging is like your superhero cape – it screams who you are and what makes you special in the big, wide world of cosmetics. It’s your very first impression on folks out there!

You know, people these days are sharp cookies! They care about our precious environment and want to do right by it. They’re educated and know that their choices can make a difference. So, smart cosmetics brands like us are tuning in to what they want.

Here’s the deal: At Gidea PAC, we’ve got your back! We’re totally committed to being eco-friendly because we get it. Our packaging is like Mother Nature’s high-five! We use up to 100% PCR (that’s post-consumer recycled material), bamboo, and sustainable wood(Bamboo). That’s right – we’re all about keeping our planet happy and healthy!

So, when you pick up our products, you’re not just getting some fabulous cosmetics – you’re joining the green team! Making a difference never looked this good! 😉

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Manufacturing of Cosmetic Packaging

👋Hey there, my friend! Listen up, ‚cause we’ve got something awesome to share! At Gidea PAC, we take quality super seriously. We’ve got these strict QC Procedures in place to make sure all our products are 100% compliant with global regulations and brand-specific policies. Safety and awesomeness all the way!

But hold on, that’s not all! We’re like trendsetters in the packaging world. Innovation is our middle name! From kick-ass packaging development to thorough testing and top-notch manufacturing capabilities – we’ve got it all covered!

And guess what? It doesn’t end there! We’re the masters of delivery too! Your finished products will reach you safe and sound, ready to rock the world!

So, if you’re all about quality, innovation, and reliability, then you’ve found your perfect match with Gidea PAC. Let’s make some packaging magic together! 🌟📦

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