Cosmetic Packaging Labelling: Worldwide Safety Regulation Guide

This article serves as a guide and should not be considered as legal advice. Please refer to the latest legislation to ensure you possess the most current information. In the realm of cosmetic products, it is crucial to provide accurate information to elucidate their purpose and enable consumers to utilize them safely and correctly.

EU Cosmetics Regulations

US Cosmetic Labelling Regulations

Canadian Cosmetic Labelling Regulations

EU Cosmetic Regulations

Cosmetic products are required to include information that explains their purpose, safe usage, and achieving optimal results. Specifically, the EU Cosmetics Regulation mandates the provision of the following details on the label or packaging:

  1. The name and address of the responsible person.
  2. The country of origin for products imported from countries outside the EU/UK.
  3. The nominal content of the product at the time of packaging, indicated by weight or volume.
  4. The date of minimum durability or the period after opening.
  5. Precautions for use.
  6. The batch number of manufacture or the reference used to identify the cosmetic product.
  7. The function of the cosmetic product, unless it is evident from its presentation.
  8. The list of ingredients (which may be indicated solely on the outer packaging).
  9. Some of these elements may also be mentioned on an enclosed or attached leaflet, label, tape, tag, or card if it is impossible to list them on the labels. In such cases, an open book symbol should be placed on the label to indicate that additional information about the product can be found elsewhere.

What appears on the label?

To assist you in locating this information, we have prepared a visual representation of a standard cosmetic product label, illustrating what is typically displayed.

EU Cosmetic labelling regulation illustrate

US Cosmetic Packaging Regulations

To ensure compliance with US and Canadian regulations, it is essential that everyone involved in the creation of cosmetics is familiar with cosmetic labeling requirements.

The following information must be included on the Principal Display Panel:

The Information Panels must include the following information:

  • Name and Place of Business
  • Distributor Statement
  • Material Facts
  • Warnings and Precautions
  • Ingredients

Below is an FDA cosmetic label example.

Cosmetic Labeling Requirements in Canada

Cosmetic Labeling Requirements in Canada:

The Principal Display Panel (PDP) must contain the following information:

  • Identity Statement
  • Net Quantity of Contents

The remaining required cosmetics labeling information can be displayed on portions of the label other than the PDP, specifically, the Information Panels. The Information Panels must include:

  • Name and Place of Business
  • Avoidable hazards and cautions
  • Ingredients Declaration

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